Nationally, Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Room Departments have seen a 300% uptick in avocado slicing injuries, or what we like to call, ‘avocado hand’. TV chefs and seasoned restaurant employees can hack and whack an avocado to remove its seed. We don’t recommend that technique. A miscalculated whack can end up with the blade in your hand instead of the seed. And that mistake can have you visiting us here in the urgent care instead of enjoying your nachos at home. To avoid a knife related trip to the urgent care we recommend proper preparation and planning before you begin cutting. Also make sure you have the right equipment for your task. Think through what accidents might happen and always give a knife blade your full attention. Lastly, take your time when cutting. Whether it be a pumpkin at Halloween, or a watermelon during summer, think safety first. If you do accidentally injure yourself, know that we are here, 9:00am – 9:00pm, every day of the week.

• Step One – Hold avocado at one end. Insert knife into the middle section of the meat and rotate. Pull halves apart.
• Step Two – To remove seed, gently squeeze avocado from back side.
• Step Three – Continue squeezing as you rotate, and the meat should separate from the skin. This technique works best with a ripe avocado.